Osmosis Does Narcolepsy

This video by Osmosis on Youtube is probably the best explanation of narcolepsy that I’ve seen so far! The only thing they get wrong is they leave Xyrem off the list of medications that treat narcolepsy.

Check it out — you may want to share it with that person in your life who doesn’t believe narcolepsy exists. (Everybody knows that person!)



4 thoughts on “Osmosis Does Narcolepsy

  1. Alice says:

    That first bit is not correct, daytime sleepiness is caused by the brain not getting restful/restorative sleep, it doesn’t correctly go through REM and nREM cycles during sleep. The video seems to be saying that narcoleptics sleep the same as normals but because of the missing peptide in the brain they fall asleep during the day (sleep attacks).


  2. Girl on the Bus says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have narcolepsy and, whilst some parts may be incorrect, it was a good summary of the condition for those who don’t understand it


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