Sorry For Not Posting Recently…

Here’s what my life has looked like lately:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Not so exciting. But I have a lot to write about, I promise I’ll post something soon!

3 thoughts on “Sorry For Not Posting Recently…

  1. Brandon Warren says:

    Hello! I hope you keep posting or at least have a way for me to ask you a series of questions. I am a narcoleptic w/ cataplexy (from laughing) who recently had his life changed for the better by acquiring Xyrem (sodium oxybate). It fixed damn near everything that I had been suffering from for 9 years. I hope that you are able to start taking this and that it has a positive impact on your life!

    Anyways, I was hoping you would let me know how the process has gone for you in acquiring Xyrem overseas. It’s heavily regulated and the rules differ by country, but if you could at least give me a little insight to what you have gone through in order to acquire this (if you have), then I would be forever thankful! I am looking to teach English overseas and now I know I can do it, provided I have Xyrem with me.

    By the way, I was in Spain in 2011 during a deployment with the US Air Force. Spent 3 months near Seville. Changed my life. I have definitely enjoyed reading about your experiences on this blog.


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