My Cataplexy Triggers

    If you research cataplexy, you’ll see all sorts of stuff about how cataplexy is triggered by strong emotions, especially laughter, fear and anger. This can’t be the whole story, though, because I have made a list of some things that have triggered cataplexy for me, and as you can see, a lot of these things are super weird.

My Cataplexy Triggers:

-Laughter, fear and anger (#basic)

-Concern for others

-Throwing up

-Looking at a hot guy (ugh, I know, leave me alone)


-Things getting thrown directly at me

-Sudden noises

-Praying in church (sorry Jesus)

-Talking about embarrassing stuff

-Unexpectedly seeing a friend

-Going on the swing ride at a theme park (don’t ask) (I really love the swing ride)

Swing ride! WOO!

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